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  • Protection factor: IP40, IP54
  • Category: New built, Renovation
  • Applications: Warehouses, Manufacturing and production, Parking garages, Sport venues ans swimming pools, Offices, Retail, Cold storage, Renovation
  • Product: LED
  • Height: 0 till 20 feet, 20 till 32 feet, 32 till 40 feet, >40 feet

LED lighting and tire storage is not a good combination. Of course, Veko offers an excellent solution for this as well!


Tire storage involves sulphur vapour. These sulphur vapours have a negative impact on the aging process of the LED; the LED emits less light much faster. Therefore, for locations with sulphur vapours, Veko has developed a fixture with high sulphur vapour resistance. Note! It is not a sulphur-resistant fixture. 


For additional savings on your energy costs, choose a Light Management System. Your lighting is intelligently controlled, making maintenance of the (emergency) lighting and dimming of the fixtures more efficient. A Veko light line is not only among the most energy-efficient in the world but also the most sustainable. The lighting is delivered practically unpackaged, is 100% recyclable, and can be easily renovated, even after 45 years.



IP code IP40 - IP54  


1,530 mm


Output flux 

max. 10.000 lm



12,6-59,4 W



220 - 240 V



50 ÷ 60 Hz


Power factor




Signify or Osram


Operational temperature*

Max. 25 ºC

Application Industrial spaces  


2.5 - 3.3 kg per m, including profile and accessories  

Installation height

2 - 20 m


Colour temperature

Natural white (± 4,000 K)


Colour Rendering Index (CRI)



Lens options

Narrow, Semi Wide, Wide, X-Wide, Diffuse and Circular


Cover Material

Polycarbonate, PMMA



Untreated aluminium



Untreated aluminium, anodized, RAL colours


Impact resistance

IK07 / IK10



DALI, CLO, corridor, centralized emergency lighting 



5 years


Expected life span

44.000 L85


BREEAM norms




H2S, 15 ppm, 504hr 25ºC, 75%



* On the initial perfomance, a tolerance of ±10% is applicable, according to IEC. Technical data subject to change.