General terms and conditions Veko Lightsystems International PDF (239 kb)
General terms and conditions Veko Lightsystems Ltd. PDF (245 kb)

Our company brochures:

Company brochure PDF (2.8 mb)
Anniversary magazine PDF (4.9 mb)

Application brochures:

Smart Lighting    PDF (1,9 mb)
Retail  PDF (2 mb)
Parking  PDF (3,4 mb)
Office  PDF (3,12 mb)
Industrial  PDF (3,4 mb)
Renovation  PDF (2,7 mb)

Datasheets and installation instructions:

More information about our products, their datasheets and the installation instruction you find at the product descriptions, i.a.:

Magnus Linear LED More information 
Rowan Low Glare LED More information
Justin Twist LED More information
Joris Budget LED More information
Installation instruction emergency lighting PDF (868 kb)

DIALux plugin:

This contains photometric data and technical information on your luminaires. You can transfer data directly into DIALux and/or download individual data files in ULD or EULUMDAT format.

Plugin Veko Database


ISO 9001 PDF (105 kb)
ISO 14001 PDF (116 kb)
SCC* PDF (2551kb)
CO2 performance ladder PDF (288 kb)
DIALux PDF (92 kb)

Declaration of Conformity

PDF (224 kb)
DEKRA rapport LED 180lm/W PDF (294 kb)