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Lighting is more than simply a question of light. Via a single touchscreen, you not only operate the lighting but also the entrance barrier, the air conditioning units and the sunblinds; the possibilities are endless. From now on you can see exactly where maintenance is needed, the emergency lighting automatically tests itself, you can use heat mapping to plan the ideal layout for your building and you can manage consumption to save energy costs. That then is the essence of smart lighting. A light management system is not simply a question of light. It is also a source of information and a tool for cost management, productivity and job satisfaction.


Make the most of your lighting with Veko Tools; simply clever for you.


Veko Tools consist of six building blocks that can be freely combined to assemble the perfect package for your application. You decide exactly what you need.


  • Safety Lighting helps provide safety. The best-known example is of course emergency lighting. Emergency lighting marks a safe escape route that the users of the building can follow, when the normal lighting fails. Connecting the emergency lighting to the light management system, however, promotes safety in many other ways, too.

  • Health and wellbeing Finding - and more importantly - retaining quality personnel is essential to your business. A good employer will ensure a pleasant working environment, and lighting is an important element of that environment. Lighting must not be blindingly bright but should be strong enough to provide a pleasant working environment for your staff in which to deliver maximum productivity.

  • Energy saving There is no more important topic than saving energy. It is a recurring feature on every sustainability checklist. A light management system makes life easy for you. Not only does it allow you to measure the consumption of all machines in your distribution centre; it also provides you with ready-to-use reports on the CO2 reductions you have achieved.

  • Service Fewer worries, more time. Why spend time running your own service department if you can outsource the work just as easily? Let us shoulder the burden. Our service team, available 24/7, will monitor your lighting and immediately identify and remotely deal with any disruptions, without ever troubling your operational continuity.

  • Flexibility In a rapidly changing society, commercial flexibility is key. You want to be able to respond to the latest innovations and implement them in your commercial environment. A light management system is a useful tool. The lighting itself is also flexible; creating a new layout is simplicity itself.

  • Easy control Click and connect, the new normal. Everything is traceable in your app, via a single click. This improves work efficiency, and saves time. No more risk of failure costs due to lost equipment. Not only for your locations in the Netherlands, but for all your premises, wherever they are in the world. 

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