+31 224 273 273

Failure or complaint

Whenever you have a failure or complaint, our service team is on standby to help. Please contact us and we will assist as soon as possible.
Email to: service@veko.com. Telephone during office hours on +31 224 273 262.


Emergency Call, for failures that need immediate assistance +31 6 57 49 63 16.

Service for your lineair lighting

If Veko has mounted your lineair lighting, we will come out to perform a one-off service after 200 operational hours or 1 operational years. Would you like to request an immediate service? E-mail or call our Service department: service@veko.com or +31 224 273 262. 

Up to 10 years warranty on LED fixtures

By default, Veko offers a single 5-year change guarantee for all LED luminaires. Even a 10-year warranty is possible. That means: trouble-free industrial LED lighting for years.