Veko Lightsystems

Specialist in extremely efficient
lighting solutions

Lighting for industry, logistics, retail, garage, sports and office

Smart LED lighting systems

Veko Lightsystems is a Dutch specialist in B2B LED lighting solutions for industrial areas. The aluminium Veko lighting system is highly energy-efficient, effective and durable. Veko luminaires are used in industry and logistics, parking garages, cold stores, sports facilities, swimming pools, shopping centres and offices.

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Lighting for various applications

Distributiecentra & magazijnen

Warehouse lighting solutions

Verlichting bedrjifshalen

Manufacturing and production

Renovatie van verlichting

Renovation of lighting

Distributiecentra & magazijnen

Sports venues and swimming pools

Verlichting koel- & vriesruimtes

Cold storage lighting solutions


Retail lighting


Office lighting

Distributiecentra & magazijnen

LED for parking

Profitable sustainability

What is the payback period of your investment in LED lighting from Veko? Measuring is knowing. Choose a test set-up with a consumption meter plus light measurements by our experts.

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The latest news

Veko introduces Duncan product family: LED lighting system that adapts to any location

Veko Lightsystems is introducing the Duncan product family: a newly patented lighting system with a wide range of applications in industry, retail, offices, and other non-residential properties. What makes it unique is the microprismatic lens...

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Veko and Eaton develop efficient solution to control emergency lighting centrally for line lighting

Veko Lightsystems International BV, specialist in the field of industrial linear LED lighting solutions, and power management company Eaton have signed a cooperation agreement. The collaboration enables Veko to offer central emergency lighting...

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The MD-O has been replaced by the ADRI-13, receive a 5% discount in the month of May

The ADRI-13 detector has been removed from the product range and is no longer available. Fortunately, Veko is able to provide a great alternative, the MD-O detector. Similar to the ADRI-13, this detector is easy to operate, but reacts to both sound...

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“Due to our new LED lighting, the colours of our vegetable products are excellently displayed. We can now, more than ever, stand for our quality and are very happy about that!"

Silvia Janssen-Voorbij, Deputy Director, Kompany

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"We have developed a paint dock in Germany for, amongst others, the Airbus A320. An especially designed luminaire type of Veko exactly met the very specific lighting requirements. A beautiful end result, thanks to good cooperation."

Remco ter Horst, General Manager Sales, Custers Hydraulics

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"We are very satisfied with the Veko LED products. They offer beautiful and efficient lighting. Van Stratum Installers and Veko have been reliable and knowledgeable partners for us, with whom we enjoy a good cooperation."

Jan van den Heuvel, IGO-POST

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