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The most sustainable (LED) light lines for over 4 decades

Veko Lightsystems has developed, manufactured and assembled aluminium (LED) linear lighting for more then 45 years now. Veko has always delivered its lighting systems unpackaged, encoded and pre-assembled. By doing this, Veko saves its customers at least 50% of the assembly time: our (LED) light lines are installed in a blink of the eye without any waste. By using 100% recyclable aluminium for its profiles and luminaires from the very start, Veko was already delivering sustainable lighting even before the term was invented. Furthermore, Veko lighting is durable: after years and years of service, our profiles still appear to be brand new. Renovation is a piece of cake in many cases, since profiles are left in place. New (LED) luminaires just need to be clicked into the light system, giving you lighting that is once again as good as new.