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Working at Veko

Veko is an original family business, with an informal no-nonsense culture. Veko truly cherishes an effective, high level of mutual respect and interaction between its staff, rather than hierarchical workflows. Veko is expanding rapidly in various countries. Working in mostly young and dynamic teams, a lot of commitment and creativity is asked from each and every employee.

Working in the Netherlands

Veko’s headquarters, with development, production, and sales offices, can be found in Schagen, a small and friendly city in the northwest of the Netherlands. Here, our employees live and work in a rural area known for its beautiful bulb fields not far from the sand dunes and beach. Alkmaar is 15 minutes away by train. A journey to Amsterdam takes about 50 minutes by car or train. Another sales office can be found in the beautiful city of Breda in the southern Netherlands.

Veko international

Veko can be found in other countries as well – we have a sales office in Duisburg. In addition, Veko has representatives in Belgium, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Dubai. Working at Veko means working in an international environment where English and German is spoken on a regular basis.

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