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Warehouse lighting for businesses and industry.

Warehouse lighting systems from Veko are customized lighting solutions designed specifically for industrial applications, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These lighting systems are designed to meet the unique challenges of large spaces with high ceilings, where even lighting and energy efficiency are essential for a smooth and safe work process.


Benefits of LED hall lighting in industrial environments

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Improved safety

Good lighting is the basis for safety in the workplace. Our LED warehouse lighting systems for industrial applications eliminate dark areas, reduce the risk of accidents and promote a safe working environment for employees.

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Increased productivity

Well-lit workplaces contribute to increased concentration and efficiency. Veko hallway lighting ensures that tasks are completed with precision, whether navigating aisles or performing quality checks on the production line. We've even developed a fixture that provides extra comfort for employees' eyes: our Rowan Low Glare Led.  

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Cost savings

The energy efficiency of Veko LED hall lighting systems results not only in lower energy costs, but also in reduced maintenance expenses because of the longer life of our LED lighting components. For example, they last at least 100.000 hours.

Project solutions and Veko support

Veko lighting systems are all delivered on a project basis and are fully customized to your specific needs. We offer full support throughout the project, from product selection to installation and any aftercare. Using demo setups and our Vekotune tool, we conduct field tests to determine the optimum light intensity. The installation is then carried out using a comprehensive project and assembly plan. We also provide service and maintenance.

Light management System

With our light management system you control not only the warehouse lighting, but also the air conditioning and sun blinds are examples. The possibilities are endless. You can see exactly where maintenance is needed, the emergency lighting is automatically tested, the building is optimized using heat mapping and you can make targeted adjustments to save on energy costs. That is what our smart lighting is all about.

Choosing the right lighting systems for your commercial or industrial hall

Several factors come into play when choosing the right industrial hall lighting system for your location. Consider the size of the space, the nature of the activities and any specific lighting requirements. Our consultants will look at the options with you and, where necessary, we will conduct tests on site. Click on the contact button to schedule a no-obligation appointment or view our products.

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