General terms and conditions Veko Lightsystems International PDF (241 kb)

Our company brochures:

Company brochure PDF (2.8 mb)
Anniversary magazine PDF (4.9 mb)

Datasheets and installation instructions:

More information about our products, their datasheets and the installation instruction you find at the product descriptions, i.a.:

Magnus Linear LED More information 
Rowan Low Glare LED More information
Justin Twist LED More information
Joris Budget LED More information
Manual de iluminación de emergencia PDF (868 kb)

DIALux plugin:

This contains photometric data and technical information on your luminaires. You can transfer data directly into DIALux and/or download individual data files in ULD or EULUMDAT format.

Plugin Veko Database


VCA PDF (255 kb)
CO2 performance ladder PDF (288 kb)
DIALux PDF (92 kb)

Declaration of Conformity

PDF (224 kb)
DEKRA rapport LED 180lm/W PDF (294 kb)