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LED linear lighting

LED linear lighting for all industrial applications

Veko provides LED lighting for nearly all industrial applications: manufacturing areas, warehouses, cold stores, car parks, retail areas and sports and swimming facilities. When it comes to quality, Veko LED lighting has a huge head start: both the profiles and the luminaires are made of aluminium. As a result of this, drivers become less warm (about 10 degrees Celsius) and last for 50% longer. Even at temperatures higher than 35 degrees Celsius, the economic life span of our LED luminaires is 70,000 to (with a special driver) 100,000 operational hours.

Unique output: up to 190 (!) Lumen per Watt

Thanks to the unique temperature management, Veko LED luminaires can handle more power. This results in a higher lumen output. In other words: more light for the same amount of power consumption. Veko is the lighting specialist to provide up to 160, 180 or even 190 Lumen per Watt in high warehouse paths. Our LED lighting is certified and offers credentials for BREEAM.