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A custom-made approach for optimizing energy savings

Do you want to save energy with your current lighting system? Veko offers a wide variety of concrete options for renovation. Even small adjustments may create major cost savings. You can find several options below. When combined in a smart way, these are certain to achieve the best conceivable energy savings. This requires customization: Veko’s specialty.  Our Account Manager is looking forward to finding the energy-saving solution that best suits your business.

LED lighting achieves the first 50% of energy savings

When replacing existing TL fixtures with LED lighting, instant energy savings of 50-70% may be expected. If a project is already equipped with Veko lighting, renovation of TL luminaires as LEDs is a piece of cake, since the profiles can be left in place. Learn more about renovation.

Eco tube lights: 30% energy saving

You may not be ready to switch to LED lighting. However, it is still possible to start saving energy and money. Veko offers the latest generation of super-efficient  Eco TL tube lights. Replace your current tube lights and you can count on 30-40% energy savings.

At least 20% additional energy savings

Provide luminaires with high-frequency ballasts

Use (mirror) reflectors

The latest (mirror) reflectors in the Veko range will save you a lot of energy. When applied correctly, you will require lower wattage, fewer fittings, and 1-lamp fixtures, rather than 2-lamp ones. Our account manager can tell you all about this. 

Apply dynamic lighting

In the absence of movement, Veko dynamic lighting dims back, possibly in a number of steps, for instance to 10% of the nominal value. This avoids unnecessary and unsafe dark areas, and failures due to switching on/off. Due to economical use of luminaires, savings of up to 90% (!) are achievable. Veko dynamic lighting works on its own so there is no need to program a DALI lighting system.

Lots of daylight? Apply dimmable lighting

When there is a lot of daylight in the business area, it may be a good idea to install daylight sensors and dimmable or DALI ballasts with lighting. The average saving of course depends on the amount of daylight, but about 30% is easily achievable.

Choose a DALI operating system

When a lighting system is equipped with a DALI operating system, there are many options for auto-switching and programming the lighting. Our specialists are happy to explain the options for switching automatically, during working hours, daylight or presence.

Measurement provides certainty – put your case to the test

Learn more about concrete savings for your business lighting? Test it yourself.