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Looking to qualify a project according to BREEAM classifications? Veko LED lighting will give you important BREEAM credits. Sustainable business starts here.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and globally most widely used method for measuring the environmental performance of buildings. Buildings are assessed in nine different sustainability categories: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use, and ecology and pollution.


Building BREEAM credits with Veko
By using Veko products it is possible to earn BREEAM points in various sustainability categories:

1. Health

With Veko LED linear lighting, you will get the maximum number of BREEAM points in the category ‘Health’. Veko provides just the right light at the right time. Light contributes significantly to productivity, job satisfaction, and health.

2. Energy

Veko LED luminaires achieve an extraordinary light output with low power consumption. LED lighting by Veko therefore in itself contributes to extremely high energy savings (up to 70%). BREEAM is already very appreciative of these figures. However, if lighting is also dynamically controlled, for example with a light management system, savings are even greater (up to 90%).
Veko also achieves energy savings in assembly: pre-assembled Veko lines are installed faster than any comparable product.

3. Transport

All Veko lighting systems are manufactured just-in-time at our CO2-friendly factory in Schagen, the Netherlands. Hardly any energy-consuming storage is needed. In addition, Veko is close to its European customers, saving energy on transport.

4. Materials

Veko assembles its aluminium LED luminaires on aluminium profiles. Not only does aluminium last much longer than more commonly applied sheet steel (about 50%), but aluminium also provides effective temperature management. This means that Veko light lines last longer (and we can easily offer a 10-year warranty). In addition, aluminium is recyclable.

5. Waste

Veko does very well on waste management at the construction site. Veko light systems are delivered pre-assembled and unpackaged (which is unique). Only a very small amount of waste is generated, and the assembly teams take this back for reuse.