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Light management solutions

The utmost light; the utmost savings

With Veko light management solutions, you simplify and optimize your lighting. You get a precise insight in when and where the lights are switched on, and where the energy is saved. Where and when you get the most out of daylight and when a diminishing light current needs to be compensated.

In full control of your industrial lighting

Your business lighting is no longer just hanging there. Veko has made it a flexible resource for productivity, job satisfaction and savings. With Veko light management options, your light system can provide you with valuable management information. In addition, your lighting contributes to sustainability credentials, such as the BREEAM. Your customers will certainly appreciate that.

Cutting the energy costs

Do you want to reach the absolute maximum in energy savings? Veko is an expert in integrating thoughtful presence detection in your office, production space, storage room or sports hall. With our wide range of motion detectors and accessories, we are able to create the optimal presence detection situation for you. Veko presence detectors are integrated into new, as well as existing lighting solutions. In other words: you can very simply start saving energy and money even with your current light system.

Veko offers various products and services for tailor-made lighting management:

Emergency lighting

Encelium Light Management System (LMS)

DALI interface Dynamic lighting

Constant Light Output (CLO)

Automatic daylight control

Presence detectors