MD-L-Na Advanced Relay

The waterproof MD-L-Na Advanced Relay presence detector performs outstandingly in combination with Veko industrial lighting in narrow aisles with tall racks. Because of the detection angle and a combination of useful features, you can achieve maximum energy savings with this motion sensor. Not a single motion goes unnoticed by the extremely sensitive infrared (PIR) sensor of the MD-L-Na Advanced Relay, which registers and interprets changes in the thermal image extremely quickly.

The MD-L-Na Advanced Relay detector has various settings for detection sensitivity, turn-off delay and twilight sensor. A convenient remote control allows you to set the detector at the levels that suit you. Your lighting will not be on for example if there is enough daylight and will switch off, with a delay, when there is no more motion. You will always have the exact required amount of illumination everywhere.



{tab Specifications}

IP code IP20 - IP54 - IP65


300 mm


0.5 W < 4 W (off < on)


220 - 240 V


50 ÷ 60 Hz



Sensitivity settings

5 (standard maximum sensitivity)

Twilight sensor

Adjustable in 9 steps 0 - 1,000 Lux

Turn-off delay relay

Relay 1 - 99 minutes

Working environment

-25 ºC to +35 ºC

Corridor function/dynamic 

switching, e.g. 10-100%

In combination with DALI driver and ballasts

KEMA and ENEC certification

Has been requested by DEKRA


5 years

{tab Installation}

Expert in installing light systems

Veko is an absolute expert in installing industrial lighting. Our specialized and certified installation teams install many kilometres of (LED) linear lighting each year. We are able to easily navigate manufacturing areas, high bay warehouses, swimming pools, sports halls, parking garages, retail areas and offices. Together with the pre-assembled, unpacked light lines or luminaires, we bring all the required assembly materials and platforms and simply get started. Veko mounting teams save 50% more time than any other mounting party, and, moreover: there is hardly any disturbance in the workplace! 

Veko has its own assembly teams

Veko has an extensive pool of in-house assembly teams. Our engineers are internally trained, VCA- certified and they know everything about Veko lighting, and more. The benefits for our customers are numerous. They don’t need to worry at all about mounting, and are assured of the lowest conceivable installation costs and hassle. All (LED) lights are mounted in no time. Even if you prefer to arrange mounting yourself, you can benefit from our expertise: Veko engineers are happy to provide you with instructions. You can find installation instructions in the menu 'Downloads'.

Sparring partner in electrical engineering and installation

Veko technicians are experts in industrial lighting, and more. We have been a sparring partner in electrical engineering and installation for decades. Our lighting has a KEMA approval for 2 groups per flat cable. In addition, our aluminium profiles are fitted with a unique cable duct, enabling easy integration with other systems. That is the reason why a great number of installers in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and other countries prefer to work with Veko.

Need more specific info about installing lighting solutions?

Please send an e-mail to our assembly department or call +31 224 273 273.


Overview installation brackets and couplings

Installation brackets and couplings IP20-IP40             


Installation brackets and couplings IP54


Installation brackets and couplings IP65




{tab Downloads}

Presence detector MD-L-Na Advanced Relay                   Datasheet (396 kb)

Installation manual MD-L-Na Advanced Relay

PDF (247 kb)
Manual configuration Advanced Relay sensor PDF (438 kb)


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{tab Light management}

Optimal light - optimal savings

With Veko light management solutions, you can simplify and optimize your lighting. You get a precise insight as to when and where lights are switched on, and where the energy is saved. The system also tells you where and when you get the most out of daylight and when compensation is required for a diminishing light current.

In full control of your industrial lighting

Your business lighting no longer just hangs there. Veko has made it a flexible resource for productivity, job satisfaction and savings. With Veko light management options, your light system can provide you with valuable management information. In addition, your lighting contributes to sustainability credentials, such as the BREEAM. Your customers will certainly appreciate that.

Cutting energy costs

Do you want to reach the absolute maximum in energy savings? Veko is an expert in integrating well thought-out presence detection systems in your office, production space, storage room or sports hall. With our wide range of motion detectors and accessories, we are able to create the optimal presence detection situation for you. Veko presence detectors are integrated into new, as well as existing lighting solutions. In other words: you can very simply start saving energy and money even with your current light system.


Veko offers various products and services for tailor-made lighting management:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Encelium Light Management System (LMS)
  • DALI interface
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Constant Light Output (CLO)
  • Automatic daylight control
  • Presence detectors