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Veko has taken a major step towards further improving the sustainability of its vehicle fleet. The premises at Witte Paal 7 have been fitted with two charging points with charging capacity for four cars. Four diesel cars from the vehicle fleet have been replaced with Teslas. This represents a huge CO2 reduction.


By way of comparison, the average fuel consumption of a diesel car is 1:15. With an average mileage of 30,000 km per year this amounts to 2,000 litres of diesel. In terms of emissions, 2,000 litres x 3.23 (CO2 emission/l) represents 6,460 kg. By introducing four Teslas, we therefore achieve an annual emission saving of 25,840 kg of CO2.


Veko has reached level 3 of the CO2 Performance Ladder, maintaining a clear and consistent focus on sustainable business practice. We are constantly in search of new ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. For more information: https://www.veko.com/sustainability/co2-footprint.html


Energy efficient elevating work platforms

Veko recently entered into a new collaboration with Hoogwerkt.nl for the rental of elevating work platforms. This firm only rents elevating work platforms that operate using lithium batteries. In other words, they are 100% electric. As well as being energy efficient, on average each battery has a capacity of three days as opposed to the traditional one day. Recharging also takes just 30 minutes, while a standard elevating work platform has a recharging time of six hours. This new supplier has locations throughout the Netherlands and, on request, will place the rented elevating work platform on a trailer ready for collection by the nearest service engineer. This results in fewer logistic movements and a considerable CO2 saving.