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CO2 performance ladder: a continuous process

For Veko, climbing the CO2 Performance Ladder means that we’re constantly aware of our energy consumption levels. That’s in our DNA, as it has always been. Even thirty and forty years ago, there was great awareness of the environment and the need to make energy savings, a trend that applied both to factories and offices. This environmental awareness is stimulated at all times and at all levels in the organization.

Sustainable business is natural for Veko

Veko is constantly working on reducing its CO2 footprint by being very careful about using energy. Meanwhile, Veko is certified at Level 3 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. 

What do we do to reduce CO2 emissions?

  • First of all, Veko’s extremely energy-efficient LED lighting is of course installed in our own premises. It is only switched on when there is not sufficient daylight in an area and motion is detected. Absolutely no energy is wasted due to lighting.
  • Veko has an energy-efficient fleet of cars, consisting of hybrid cars and our business premises are equipped with solar panels, 770 in total.
  • Our travel is limited because our various sales locations are close to our customers and because a lot of consulting takes place by phone or video conference.
  • Our products are delivered virtually unpacked and pre-assembled.
  • We have a TIP system for employees with attractive incentives for energy-saving tips.
  • Our offices and business processes are as energy-efficient as possible.