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If you search online for replacements for your TL fittings in your existing Veko light line, you will probably come across various suppliers selling their own version of our fittings. In the market we see more and more parties advertising the fact that they renovate Veko lineair lighting. A luminaire of brand X is then installed in your existing light line. If you opt for this solution, our guarantee will no longer apply. Brand X only provides a guarantee on the light fitting and not on the complete light line as is standard at Veko.


Veko stands for quality and guarantees safe products that are mutually compatible. Our guarantee will lapse if products from a different source are used. This applies both to the installation of a light fitting and to the use of Led tubes from another manufacturer.

It is best to renovate your existing Veko light lines with an original Veko fitting such as our Magnus. You will then retain the guarantee on the complete light line and be assured of quality.