Magnus Linear LED

The Magnus offers carefree LED lighting for years and years. These linear LED luminaires still look brand new after years of service, and they can be applied in every thinkable industrial space. From car parks and production halls to warehouses, shopping centres, sports halls and swimming pools: Veko always has the best linear LED solution available. By applying aluminium end caps, the luminaires can be connected together. Continuous lights lines are thus realized.


Good lighting results in job satisfaction. With its unique lumen per watt output, Magnus excels in luminaire efficiency and uniformity. This truly stimulates productivity! The use of aluminium in our light lines also ensures a great temperature management: Veko LED lighting operates effortlessly at ambient temperatures from -25 °C - +35 °C or even higher. At Veko, an warranty of 10 years is therefore possible.


To save even more on your energy costs, choose a light management system. Thanks to intelligent control, your main and emergency lighting requires less maintenance and the dimming function of the luminaires operates more efficiently.


Veko’s lighting lines are not only some of the most energy-efficient in the world, but also the most sustainable. The equipment is supplied with virtually no packaging, is 100 per cent recyclable and is easily refurbished, even after 45 years.