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What’s in it for me

Light systems from Veko are flexible and modular by design. When you acquire a new tenant, Veko can adapt the lighting to meet every new client’s wishes, in a flash. And if you opt for a light management system, we can even make the change remotely, with a single mouse click. The ultimate in efficiency and cost saving. Thanks to our prefab production for each project, we can guarantee that the lighting will be switched on, as soon as your premises become operational.

Flexible system

Just one connection; our linear lighting is easy to adjust to any position.

Guaranteed speed

We guarantee just 4 weeks from order to delivery, and thanks to our plug & play system, your lighting will be installed in no time.

To measure is to know

A light management system enables you to focus constantly on reducing energy consumption and at the same time manage all your buildings from a single system.


The use of aluminium guarantees an extra long service life. When it is time for renovation, we only need to replace the luminaires; the trunking system simply remains in place.

Want to know more about our possibilities?

Our Account Managers will be happy to explain all the possibilities of our continuous-row lighting system. And that is much more than just lighting. You can find an impression of our products on the 'Products' page.

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