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Budget Food is a chain of discount supermarkets, with a growing number of branches in The Netherlands. A brands are sold at very low prices. When setting up new branches, Budget Food usually makes the most of the available lighting . However, at the newest branch in Zwijndrecht, this was not possible. It was a casco-delivered dark room of approximately 1,100m² with lots of columns and low in daylight. A budget supermarket like this is best to be lit with Veko's super-efficient LED luminaires.


We asked for various quotes. Initially for TL lighting, because we thought LED would be too expensive. However, Veko explained the advantages of LED lighting very clearly. Their calculation additionally convinced us that LED lighting in the end is a true cost-saver. Our subsidiary was opened recently. The mounted LED light lines provide a good amount of crisp light. In addition, we are very aware of the energy consumption now. This was the reason for us to decide to bring back the large-scale connection, once again creating great savings! We thank Veko for the pleasant cooperation.

Ronald Slijkhuis, Real estate and Expansion, Budget Food


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