Line lighting projects

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Parking in the Excellence Car Park at Schiphol gives you a very relaxed start to your trip. This car park with 400 extra-wide spaces, you can walk straight into Schiphol's departure hall and in need of renovation in terms of electrical installations. And that included the lighting.


Veko Lightsystems renovated all three floors of the Excellence Car Park at Schiphol, a total of 14.000m2. That amounts to 750 Veko luminaires and 15,000 metres of Veko light lines. After successfully installing a trial installation in P12, we got to work replacing the old fluorescent luminaires with our Richard IP54 luminaire. Specially developed for car parks, the Richard is impact resistant and vandalism proof. We also integrated a parking guide system to make the parking experience as easy as possible.


Our lighting provides comfort. Good lighting, especially in a car park, makes people feel safe. Our profile also lends itself perfectly to adding other systems.