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Line lighting projects

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A remarkable parking facility has been created on Berlijnplein in Utrecht, with a total surface area of no less than 20,500 m². This car park has seven storeys and offers space for 620 vehicles. It is located in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht’s leisure and entertainment district of the future. An iconic sculpture looks down from the roof: a three-metre-tall snipe. This meadow bird used to be a regular visitor to the area when it was still used for market gardening.


One of the requirements stipulated by the City of Utrecht was to fit as few installations as possible on the ceiling. By opting for a Veko profile with extra wide cable duct, all other cables could be neatly concealed in the profile. Each of the light lines are interconnected with T-sections and corner sections developed specially for this project, resulting in a continuous profile that has been used for all the cabling. The Magnus X-Wide IP54, a light fitting commonly used in low-ceiling locations, has been used in the car park. The X-Wide illuminates both the driving lanes and parking spaces, offering visitors a pleasant experience and a feeling of safety. The waterproof (IP65) Magnus X-Wide is fitted on the rooftop. The sensors from BEG (PD4-M-1C) are used in combination with the Encelium Coupler. The light management system enables the City of Utrecht to constantly monitor energy consumption, while being notified of any defects immediately.


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