Line lighting projects

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Since 1963, Coronam has been a household name in the metalworking industry. With modern and advanced machinery they are a specialized equipment and machine manufacturer. Among other things, they supply parts for computer-controlled machines and equipment across Europe. The company from Zaandam had a flying start in their first few years and have now expanded from a 150 m2 building to a 3,800 m2 building.


On behalf of Swart Elektrotechnisch Bureau, Veko advised what would be the best solution in the field of lighting technology. The Coronam production hall is equipped with 170 separate fixtures for the existing lines and 84 meters of new light lines. In this hall our Magnus with diffuse lens was used. Because part of the building had existing Veko lighting and another part did not, completely new light lines as well as separate fixtures were installed. With existing Veko profiles the fluorescent lighting can easily be replaced by LED lighting.


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