Line lighting projects

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Bavaria Brewery, one of the six breweries owned by Royal Swinkels Family Brewers recently celebrated its 300th anniversary. The Bavaria beer brand is one of Royal Swinkels Family Brewers’ brands and is brewed in Lieshout. Just like hops are an unmissable ingredient in beer, good line lighting is unmissable in a production environment. To ensure the best possible results, Veko first installed a test set-up. Now, the robust Magnus linear provides the distribution centre with modern lighting. The use of three different optics (Circular, Diffuse and Narrow) ensure that the light shines exactly where it is needed. Moreover, presence detection prevents energy waste; energy that can be put to much better use in the beer brewing process.


The decision was quickly made after experiencing the test set-up. Thanks to the Veko light line system we are future-proof in terms of lighting.

Tiny Slits, Manager Electrical Engineering Infrastructure, Bavaria Brewery


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