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Bakkerij Holland has been baking ‘our daily bread’ since 1937. It started as a modest traditional bakery and has since expanded into a space of no less than 17,000 m2. Operating from two production locations, Bakkerij Holland supplies supermarkets with all types of bread – fresh, frozen, and non-perishable products. However, the quantities involved are anything but modest: 4,200 loaves an hour, 14,000 croissants an hour, 18,000 pistolets an hour, and 8,000 baguettes an hour. The expansion of the premises in Vriezenveen has an Excellent (four stars) BREEAM rating. The factory has a smart lighting system that consists of 1,315 luminaires and 4,730 metres of linear lighting. For reasons of hygiene, some of the luminaires are IP65 versions (watertight). The LED lighting has CLO (constant light output), as a result of which the lighting produces the same amount of light throughout its lifetime. The daylight-based dimming ensures that the light (the number of lux) adapts to the strength of the daylight. Bakkerij Holland has also opted for Encelium. This system makes the monitoring of energy consumption very simple, while maintenance of the lighting system can be done with a single press of a button. And if ever Bakkerij Holland would like to expand again in the future, the lighting management system can be scaled up very easily.


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