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Line lighting projects

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With the completion of a second distribution centre, Wehkamp, the online department store, now has access to a multifunctional and flexible centre with a total capacity of 110,000 m2. The new premises are linked to the existing building. Wehkamp makes very conscious choices together with its partners, such as installation company Van Dalen, aimed at sustainable growth. The entire centre, for example, houses 5,000 solar panels (15,000 panels on the entire building in total), 100% LED lighting, a combined heat and cold generation system and electric charging columns. Thanks to the effective use of energy, the new Wehkamp distribution centre is more than 30% more energy efficient. Veko has installed a no less than 11.5 km of LED lighting, with a total of 4,025 luminaires. The mezzanine is fitted with a one-metre luminaire with diffuse lens, while for the rack corridors, the Magnus has been selected with a narrow lens. A circular lens was the best choice for open spaces. The use of sensors has massively cut power consumption, in line with the ambitions of Wehkamp.


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