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Line lighting projects

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The arrival of ‘Monkey Town’ to the tennis hall of Nijziel Sport & Health BV created an excellent opportunity to convert the existing fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. But what kind of LED lighting? To be able to determine this, several test luminaires were hung up so that the athletes could indicate which lighting they thought was most pleasant. Based on this, a choice was made. The tennis hall, squash courts and Monkey Town are all equipped with LED lighting with the Encelium system. This ensures that all lighting is controlled centrally and that the courts in the tennis hall are only lit while playing. Thanks to a special ‘comfort’ setting, the lights in the courts that are not played on are dimmed down. This way players are never left looking into the dark. In Monkey Town, a distinction was made between the playing and the terrace areas. Encelium ensures that the lighting uses as little energy as possible.


“The energy costs have dropped considerably because there is no more unnecessary lighting. The LED lighting gives a very pleasant light for both the athletes and playing children. That keeps us moving!”

Marjolein Nijziel, owner, Nijziel Sport & Health B.V.


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