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We are proud to introduce our new waterproof luminaire: the Duncan IP65.


The Duncan IP65 is the solution for any environment with high demands on luminaires. The new design is both dust-proof and waterproof. This makes the IP65 the perfect addition to the successful Veko Duncan linear lighting range. 


The specially designed tapered design of the luminaire optimally diverts water away from the LED unit. 


Moreover, the LED units have a smooth finish, with as few edges and seams as possible. Together with the blind covers, they are fully recessed into the light line. This is more visually attractive, but also prevents dust accumulation and makes the units even more resistant to dirt and water. 


The IP65 can be used for a variety of projects: from cold stores to refrigerated departments, from swimming pools to food storage. And it can be ordered from today via your Account Manager.


More information about this all-rounder can be found here