justin out of stock nieuws

The main reason for phasing out the Justin Twist is that the technology has improved so much that Veko has better and more aesthetically pleasing solutions in its current range than the Justin Twist. From now on, the Justin Twist will no longer be offered. 


The Justin Twist has the look-and-feel of the old-fashioned fluorescent tube but is LED lighting. High quality efficient lighting with the look and feel of a fluorescent lamp. The product was once developed to keep the step from fluorescent to LED as small as possible for the customers. In addition, the Justin has the unique ability to rotate the luminaires 270 degrees in the desired direction.



In recent years LED lighting has become more and more accepted in the market, as a result of which the usefulness and necessity of the Justin Twist began to decline. Veko has developed a flexible adjustable suspension bracket to allow lines to be fixed variably at an angle. This replaces the swivel element of the Justin Twist.


The Justin Twist was available in IP40, IP54 and IP65. A qualitatively better solution is our newest family, the Duncan. For an IP65 solution, our Magnus is the best replacement. 


Ongoing orders are simply delivered and warranty conditions remain unchanged. Veko continues to provide service and maintenance for customers with a Justin solution. If you have any questions, please contact your Acount Manager.