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Retail LED lighting as a marketing tool

Veko has developed pleasant LED lighting for shops, shopping malls, showrooms, and other retail environments. Does your retail lighting need to be optimally customized to the appearance of the store? Should it be cool and business-like or warm and atmospheric? Perhaps certain racks or areas should be illuminated to create a great shopping experience. We know exactly how the right colour lighting suits your products. Veko retail lighting will get your customers to appreciate your store and do their shopping there.

Attractive and decorative shop lighting

Our contemporary LED luminaires for shops and retail are based on Veko’s top-quality aluminium industrial light lines that we have successfully produced for decades. Furthermore, our pre-assembled LED luminaires for retail feature a great, decorative design. There are countless options for lumen output among other things. All of them have one thing in common: the huge energy and cost savings (up to 70%!) of LED retail lighting: now that's sustainable business.

Interested in saving energy and money?

Our Account Manager will be happy to provide your store or other retail environment with a test setup of Veko LED lighting. Be amazed by the bright lights, all the options and the great savings.


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