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LED lighting: feeling safe in indoor car parks

Visitors can easily find their way around indoor parking garages with LED lighting by Veko. Our Low Power LED luminaires always provide immediate and bright lighting when and where required. This provides a safe and pleasant feeling in a car park. Moreover, the luminaires are robust and resistant to impact, dust and moisture. You are assured of years of trouble-free lighting for multi-storey car parks.

Are the lights of your multi-storey car park still switched on 24/7?

Veko (LED) lighting for car parks is incredibly energy-efficient. By programming the fittings in a smart way and combining them with presence detection and daylight control, we achieve substantial energy savings. Wherever and whenever movement is detected, the lights are switched on immediately at 100%. But when there is no traffic, the lighting powers down gradually. 

Visit a Veko multi-storey car park project

Good lighting is very important for feeling safe in a multi-storey car park. Would you like to see this for yourself? You are always welcome to visit a Veko project near you. Our Account Manager will be happy to join you.


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