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Industrial lighting by Veko? Let us arrange your office lighting

For your convenience, Veko offers a comprehensive package of business lighting. If Veko is your LED lighting supplier for warehouse or manufacturing areas, we will also be happy to provide your office lighting. We offer a wide range of extremely energy-efficient LED office lighting, consisting of the latest energy-efficient LED panels and downlights. Veko provides its customers with a trouble-free service based on a one-stop shop for all business lighting products and services.


Customized lighting solutions for every office

We create great working environments. With the well-being of employees and work efficiency constantly in mind, Veko offers a comprehensive selection of LED panels and LED downlights for offices. We are happy to offer customized office lighting solutions for your specific circumstances and naturally take account of any non-blinding requirements you may have. It is amazing how the right lighting can give an office a full make-over!


Saving up to 80% energy with presence detection

LED panels and LED downlights in your office will have a great impact on energy bills. Savings of up to 50% can be expected! However, we can offer you even greater savings in terms of energy and costs. If your office lighting features switches, Veko can very easily integrate presence detection and even daylight control. In the future, your office will only be lit when necessary, saving a further 20% on your energy bill.


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