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Perfect light from 27 metres down to the work area

In high-bay logistic centres or warehouses it is all about where and when the light is needed. Employees must be able to work safely. They need reliable non-blinding light, in the right aisle and the right storage. Veko excels in lighting solutions for distribution centres and logistics. We are not afraid of heights: our narrow-beam LED fixtures can be found in warehouses of up to 27 metres in height across Europe.

Veko warehouse LED lighting: a real energy saver

Lighting is no longer one of the largest expenses in a warehouse or distribution centre. Our latest LED luminaires are in themselves more economical than ever. Additionally, we equip them with lighting control features that maximize your energy savings. You get warehouse lighting precisely where it is needed with absolutely no energy wasted. 


distributionReplacement of your existing highbay

Do you have highbay's hanging and is it impossible to use line lighting due to the layout of your premises? Veko has developed the Ada Highbay for our partner I-Valo. The Ada has a unique shape which ensures a uniform light image at great heights. More information about the Ada Highbay. Would you like a quotation? Please contact Raymond Brakenhoff.

High-bay storage, low maintenance

Veko is one of the few suppliers of LED lighting solutions to work with aluminium profiles and luminaires. This means that Veko warehouse lighting systems offer unique temperature management, long life and very low maintenance. We offer years and years of trouble-free warehouse lighting. This is very convenient, especially in very high storage aisles.


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