Earning money with your cold storage and refrigeration lighting

Veko has developed special robust IP54 and IP65 LED luminaires for cold storage lighting. Even in extreme temperatures of up to -40 °C, Veko LED lighting operates flawlessly in many cold stores throughout Europe. The refrigerator lighting burns immediately and only at 100% when required. Opting for Veko LED lighting in a cold store means opting for serious energy savings: let us calculate them for you.

IP54 and IP65 LED lighting for refrigerated areas

Employees in cold stores and refrigerated environments have expressed their appreciation of Veko LED lighting, saying it provides them with comfort and safety. Even at the slightest movement, lights fully switch on in an instant. The lights provide great uniformity on the floor and in the racks, and do not blind at all. Furthermore, Veko fixtures keep burning when staff work in a refrigerated environment for an extended period and powers down slowly when movement is no longer detected. Veko linear LED lighting for cold stores naturally complies with all safety requirements and classifications.




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