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Last updated on 5 December 2019.


Who is collecting or processing your personal data?

Veko Lightsystems International BV ("Veko" or "we"), with registered offices at Witte Paal 38, Schagen, The Netherlands, is responsible for all personal data collected via the website www.veko.com and related Veko websites or through the purchase of our services, use of our tool, requesting of information or samples, or subscribing to our newsletters.


Contact information

Veko Lightsystems International BV


+31 224 273 273


Ms. I. Hessels is the Data Protection Officer at Veko Lightsystems International BV.

She can be reached at yourprivacy@veko.com.


We respect your privacy and also take the protection of your privacy seriously. This Privacy Statement is intended to give you a clear idea of how we use your personal data, the efforts we make to protect your personal data, the rights and options you have for controlling the data you provide, and the protection of your privacy. This privacy statement includes the following:

  • The personal data that we process
  • The specific goal and basis upon which we process your personal data
  • How long we retain your personal data
  • Information on sharing your personal data with third parties
  • Cookies or similar technologies that we use
  • Information about how you can review, modify, and remove your personal data
  • How we secure your personal data


The personal data that we process

We process your personal data because you use our services or provide them to us yourself.

Below is an overview of the personal data that we process:

  • Company name
  • First name, surname, and gender
  • Address information
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Other personal data that you actively provide, e.g. by indicating your position or your interest in a product. This can be indicated on the website, in correspondence, or by telephone.
  • Internet browser and device type.

Some personal data is entered into required fields on the website (indicated with an asterisk [*]). This information is required to offer the requested services, such as sending information or a quote.


The specific goal and basis upon which we process your personal data

We process your personal data with the following objectives:

  • Sending a quote.
  • Sending our newsletter.
  • Calling or emailing you if necessary to provide our services.
  • Informing you of changes to our services and products.
  • In order to deliver goods or services to you.
  • To correctly process your application.


How long we retain your personal data

We do not store your personal data for longer than is absolutely necessary to achieve the objectives for which your data was collected. We employ the following retention periods for personal data:

  • Newsletters: when unsubscribing to newsletters, data related to this newsletter will be removed within two weeks after an opt-out has been selected.
  • When requesting information, quotes, or brochures, your data will not be stored for more than seven years.
  • In the case of a job application, your details will be stored for a maximum of six months.
  • If you establish a business relationship with is, such as through the purchase of a product or product sample, data will be retained for the duration of the business relationship followed by a period of up to seven years after the termination of said relationship.


Sharing personal data with third parties

We share your personal data with different third parties if it is necessary for executing the agreement and to meet any legal requirements. We make a Processor Agreement with any businesses that process your data under assignment from us in order to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality for your data. We are still responsible for these processes.

Third parties and the objectives of data sharing:

  • Sharing with consultants and parties operating under assignment from us with the goal of providing mailings, improving the website(s) (which includes checking and improving the forms on the website). These processing parties will also have access to the Google Analytics data for our website, which is used for improving the user experience and conversion recording on the website.
  • Recording data in our (online) CRM package with the objective of sending you the desired information/materials, such as offers or our newsletter, calling or emailing you if necessary to provide our services, informing you of changes to our services and products, or to deliver goods or services to you.


Cookies we use

On our website, we use both technical functional cookies and cookies for analytics registration and marketing purposes. Below you will find an overview of the cookies we use. If you want to change your cookie preferences, you can do so via the 'Cookie settings' item at the bottom of our website.


Strictly necessary:

__cf_bm .vimeo.com 30 minutes This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the website, in order to make valid reports on the use of their website.
JSESSIONID .nr-data.net Session General purpose platform session cookie, used by sites written in JSP. Usually used to maintain an anonymous user session by the server.
li_gc .linkedin.com 6 months Used to store guest consent to the use of cookies for non-essential purposes
AnalyticsSyncHistory .linkedin.com 1 month Used to store information about the time a sync with the lms_analytics cookie took place for users in the Designated Countries


Performance cookies:

_ga_SWHKRZB7TC .veko.com 1 year 1 month This cookie is used by Google Analytics to persist session state.
_gat .veko.com 53 seconds This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics, according to documentation it is used to throttle the request rate - limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites.
_ga .veko.com 1 year 1 month This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics - which is a significant update to Google's more commonly used analytics service. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in each page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the sites analytics reports.
_gid .veko.com 1 day This cookie is set by Google Analytics. It stores and update a unique value for each page visited and is used to count and track pageviews.



test_cookie .doubleclick.net 15 minutes This cookie is set by DoubleClick (which is owned by Google) to determine if the website visitor's browser supports cookies.
UserMatchHistory .linkedin.com 1 month This cookie is used to track visitors so that more relevant ads can be presented based on the visitor's preferences.
lidc .linkedin.com 1 day This is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie that ensures the proper functioning of this website.
YSC .youtube.com Session This cookie is set by YouTube to track views of embedded videos.
bcookie .linkedin.com 1 year This is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie for sharing the content of the website via social media.
_gcl_au .veko.com 3 months Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services
IDE .doubleclick.net 1 year This cookie is set by Doubleclick and carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE .youtube.com 6 months This cookie is set by Youtube to keep track of user preferences for Youtube videos embedded in sites;it can also determine whether the website visitor is using the new or old version of the Youtube interface.
bscookie .www.linkedin.com 1 year Used by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded services.



vuid .vimeo.com 1 year 1 month These cookies are used by the Vimeo video player on websites.
apbct_timestamp www.veko.com Session CleanTalk–Used to prevent spam on our comments and forms and acts as a complete anti-spam solution and firewall for this site.
apbct_cookies_test www.veko.com Session Used to check if cookies can be placed.



_hjSession_3701263 .veko.com 30 minutes  
ct_event_token www.veko.com Session  
ct_pointer_data www.veko.com Session  
ct_timezone www.veko.com Session  
content www.veko.com Session  
apbct_prev_referer www.veko.com Session  
ct_visible_fields_count www.veko.com Session  
_hjSessionUser_3701263 .veko.com 1 year  
ct_checkjs www.veko.com Session  
li_sugr .linkedin.com 3 months  
[abcdef0123456789]{32} www.veko.com Session  
ct_visible_fields www.veko.com Session  
ct_ps_timestamp www.veko.com Session  
ct_fkp_timestamp www.veko.com Session


Google Analytics

The Analytics cookies that we use come from Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. We have entered into a processing agreement with Google, for a correct processing in accordance with privacy legislation. Within Google Analytics, we have anonymized IP addresses, and turned off data sharing with Google. Also, no use is made of other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.


Reviewing, modifying, and removing data

You are entitled to review, correct, and remove your personal data. You also have the right to retract any consent given for data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data as well as the right to data transferability. That means that you can submit a request for us to send you or another organisation you specify the personal data that we have collected about you as a computer file.

You can send any requests for review, correction, removal, transfer of your personal data, consent withdrawal, or objection to processing to yourprivacy@veko.com.

In order to be sure that the request for review has been made by you, we ask that you send a copy of your ID with the request. In this copy of your ID or passport, make sure that the MRZ—machine readable zone, the area with the numbers at the bottom of the passport—the passport number, and the burgerservicenummer (BSN - comparable to the National Insurance number) is not legible. This is for the protection of your privacy. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, but within four weeks at the latest.

We would also like to inform you that you have the option to submit a complaint to the national supervisory body, the Autoriteit Persoonsgevens (Personal data authority). This can be done via the following link: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/en


How we secure your personal data

We take the protection of your data extremely seriously and take the appropriate measures to combat abuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesired publication, and unlawful modification of that data. If you get the impression that your data is not being secured properly or there are indications of abuse, please contact us by telephone on: +31 224 273 273 or at yourprivacy@veko.com.


Changes to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement. The date above indicates when the latest changes were implemented. We recommend that you regularly consult our Privacy Statement so that you are up to date on these changes.