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Lightlines - LED light lines for buildings and halls.

Veko's light lines are designed to meet the strict requirements of factories, warehouses and other light industrial environments. Based on advanced LED technology, our lineair lighting solutions offer a versatile and energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems.


Light lines: Maximum safety, energy efficiency and durability

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Brightness and uniformity

Our LED line lighting systems are designed to provide consistent illumination throughout the hall, ensuring that every corner is well lit. This not only improves visibility, but also contributes to a safer working environment.

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Energy efficiency

With sustainability in mind, we use LED lighting. This not only reduces operational costs, but also aligns with environmentally friendly goals of the company. You can save up to 80% on energy costs.

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Industrial environments can be tough on lighting systems. Our light line solutions are built to last. The lighting can last at least 10 years, the aluminum profiles at least 40 years. So you can easily replace and reuse your lighting.

Our projects

Check out the various light line projects we have completed on our projects page. Installing our system is easily done. The light systems are delivered unpackaged, coded and pre-assembled. This saves at least 50% in assembly time: in no time the (LED) light lines are up in every space. See here which projects we have carried out.

Choosing the right light line for your warehouse

When choosing the right LED light lines for public and industrial applications, factors such as light intensity, durability and resistance to environmental influences e.g. moisture, dust and extreme temperatures must be taken into account. Whether illuminating distribution centers or warehouse, industrial halls or other spaces, Veko's industrial-grade light lines can be configured into optimal lighting solutions tailored to your needs.

Via the button below you can view our light lines and with the filter function select the IP class that is important to you. Our advisors are ready to design a customized lighting plan for you.

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