Get more out of your lighting....with YellowDot!


What is YellowDot?

In short: a commercial lighting system that works like GPS in a building, developed by Philips.


How does it work?

Every source of light / luminaire emits a unique identification code through light modulation. This is invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by a smart phone camera. Once an app has been downloaded, the user can choose to use various services. This offers many interesting possibilities, in particular for retail and distribution centres.


Veko is one of the seven parties worldwide that meet the requirements to integrate YellowDot in its LED lighting. 

What can you do with YellowDot:


Your visitor:  

Distribution centres                              

Your personnel:                   

  • Finds the right products in a jiffy
  • Finds the right products in a jiffy                       
  • Receives additional product information (think product comparison, but also up-to-date order information)
  • Receives up-to-date information about stocks and orders
  • Receives personal offers based on purchasing patterns
  • Receives up-to-date tasks related to a product
  • Is guided to the right product (route)
  • Is guided to the right product (route)
  • Receives advice about the route on the basis of other users (dynamic routing)
  • Uses the most efficient route (dynamic routing on the basis of other employees)
  • Sees your special offers that you placed in the most frequented areas on the basis of data analysis (heatmapping) 
  • Can update stock management immediately (separate inventory no longer needed) 


YellowDot phone v3

Want to try it yourself?

We will let you experience how it works by welcoming you in our office in Schagen. Various areas have been fitted with the YellowDot system. Using the YellowDot app on your smart phone, you can navigate this environment. There are no less than nineteen YellowDot points on our premises that together make up a digital tour.

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