Line lighting projects

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On behalf of installation company Barth Installatietechniek, we have fitted LED lighting in no less than 6 distribution halls at Goodman. The total surface area is 66,000 m2, of which 27,000 m2 warehouse space. Our latest luminaire, the Duncan, was used for this project, with the Narrow optics for the 12-metre-high rack corridors, and the Lambertian optics for the open spaces. Part of the premises are still unused. The best thing about our light line system is that if the tenant wants to change the layout at a later date, we can easily adjust all our light lines. Our light lines have just one connection, so they can easily be moved to a different position. This makes them extremely flexible. The light lines are switched partly 10-100 and partly on off with a 10-100 option. This means that the lighting reacts to movement in the corridor and adjusts the light intensity appropriately.


We are delighted to have chosen the sustainable light line system from Veko. The aluminium in the profiles guarantees an extra long useful life for the system, and is fully recyclable. Both elements are very important to us. The luminaires have a lifecycle of 100,000 hours, and that too makes the lighting very futureproof.

Maurice van Eijndhoven, Asset Management, Goodman

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