Line lighting projects

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Sustainability is the starting point for all improvements made by The Zone. Also in the parking garage. All users were involved in the large-scale renovation of the parking garage. NIBC, as the largest user, supervised the complete renovation. Customer experience is important to them and the first point of contact is the parking garage. This is where the customer journey starts. Pleasant lighting gives a safe feeling and that is extra important in a parking garage. The Magnus has been chosen with a Diffuse lens in IK10 (impact resistant) and IP54. The lighting is equipped with the Encelium light management system. As a result, defects are automatically reported and the user receives extensive reports on consumption. Another big advantage of Encelium is that you can use one motion detector to control two directions of travel, allowing you to create a more efficient lighting plan. And faults can be solved remotely. In the parking garage, work has been done with continuous luminaires, resulting in a continuous light line. A total of 1,100 metres of line lighting was installed by Veko, commissioned by Unica, with 530 luminaires.


The sustainable lighting, which I am very proud of, dims after 1 minute and switches on slowly when entering. Besides the sustainable character, it also saves on the electricity bill. The parking garage is now in line with the customer experience that we strive for.

Anton Bukkens, Production Manager Facilities NIBC


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