Line lighting projects

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Veko’s light lines illuminate the widest range of products. Take Ed Stouten Tandtechniek: making dental products like crowns, bridges, braces, implants and prosthetics requires extreme precision and craftsmanship. Every product is custom-made and tailored to each patient. Veko provided a fitting lighting solution for the office, laboratory and treatment room. The LED panels have been neatly incorporated in the slanted ceiling and provide warm light to make patients feel quickly at ease, while the Lucan Trend Basic provides the right light intensity for the work spaces. The entire office has presence detectors that react to both sound and motion to prevent energy waste. Thanks to Veko, this lab can once again focus on the unique maintenance of teeth.


Clear lighting is very important in our line of work; you can only correctly determine the colour of teeth under the right lights. Veko provided us with excellent lighting advice.

Famke Stouten, Owner, Ed Stouten Dental Technique


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