Line lighting projects

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A huge black building has been erected in the industrial zone in Schagen. This ‘black box’ is the home of SkagaVenture, an indoor family entertainment centre. Visitors can take part in e-go karting, lasergaming, trampolining, and gaming to their heart’s content. In a space with little daylight, there is an especially great need for the right lighting, and that is certainly the case with an activity like go karting where clear lighting that does not blind is essential. However, this has been successfully achieved, thanks to some good lighting advice. A 511-metre Veko lighting system with 168 luminaires, including emergency lighting, is now in place. There is atmospheric lighting in the restaurant, which combines excellently with the brightly lit ‘active’ areas.


Thanks to Veko, users don’t have to drive on our go kart track in the dark. Everyone is very pleased with how Veko’s professional ‘lighters’ have installed the attractive, bright, and highly energy-efficient LED linears in our building.

Janneke Beers, Co-owner, SkagaVenture


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