Lucan Trend Basic

Veko Lucan luminaires are specially designed to give office spaces, but also schools, shops or showrooms, a great industrial look. This aesthetically very nice luminaire is an asset in both new construction and renovation projects. When super-efficient Lucan is combined with Veko’s presence detection, you will for sure enjoy very low energy bills.

But there is more. Research indicates that a good and well-distributed level of light positively effects employees and visitors. With the use of LED in combination with self-supported mirror optics and parabolic strips, the Lucan has a very low blinding factor. This makes it very suitable for areas where strict blindness requirements apply, for example because of the use of displays.


Lucan luminaires are optionally supplied in brut or anodized aluminium or in a RAL colour and Veko delivers them in two versions. With the Trend Basic version, a mirror reflector is clicked on a standard Veko profile. At the Trend de Luxe version, profile and reflector are made in one piece. The use of aluminium in our light lines ensures a great temperature management: Veko LED lighting operates effortlessly at ambient temperatures to 35 °C or even higher. At Veko, a warranty of 10 years is therefore possible.