Centralized emergency lighting

The Veko profile is particularly suited for integrating centralized emergency lighting. Our quality profile offers space for extra flat cables. And our standard flat cable can be connected to two circuits. Therefore there is no loose cabling and no separate assembly of emergency lighting units is needed. Veko will supply the centralized emergency lighting as one complete unit with separate, low wattage luminaires. In the event of a calamity, the centralized unit will switch on the connected luminaires through a centralized, alternative power supply.
The highest costs of emergency lighting are tied to regular maintenance, because the batteries need to be replaced every four years. Replacing batteries can be labour intensive if the batteries are located in the light line just below the roof. Moreover, the temperature fluctuations below the roof result in a shorter battery life. A centralized battery station means that the battery is located on the ground floor within easy reach and in a controlled environment. As a result, these batteries have an average lifespan of nine years.
A station works both offline and online. The emergency fixtures are tested automatically. For online stations, faults are also reported automatically. Facility managers will receive an email stating the exact location of a defective safety fixture, which means maintenance will only take place when required. Imagine how much time, money and effort this will save you.