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From the AGU warehouse in Alkmaar, around 25,000 different bicycle articles find their way to relations throughout the Benelux on a daily basis. Until recently, the warehouse was equipped with obsolete lighting without presence detection. In order to realize nice energy savings, AGU recently selected Low Power LED luminaires and motion detectors from Veko.


 More light in warehouse for bicycle articles

The choice for these fixtures was thought through very well. In the warehouse scanners are being used a lot, and the right, non-blinding lighting is very important. Veko's Low Power LED luminaires meet these requirement and the number of lumen is fine. We have more light now”, says Cees van den Kommer, logistics manager at AGU.


"Used to dimming fast"

Two Veko mechanics took care of the disassembly and assembly and that went well, says Cees van den Kommer: "Our own work could just continue during the replacement and we did have to look after, for instance the cleaning of packaging material, at all. Everything was neatly arranged." He is very satisfied with the cooperation with Veko: "The lines were short and our point of contact was well accessible."
Cees van den Kommer had expected that the staff in the warehouse would have to get used to the dimming of the lighting, but that was not the case: "There were no complaints. It just doesn’t bother at all, and it saves us a lot of energy."