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For the new property in Heiloo The Netherlands (and third location) of the Kaptein Group, very careful attention has been paid to selecting the right lighting. After all, sustainability is an important spearhead for this international player in the world of cheeses and butter. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that lighting here is waterproof and dust-free. Veko’s IP65 LED luminaire are right at home here!


 “Waterproof, dust-free and low maintenance LED lighting”

In Heiloo, cheeses are stored, processed and packaged. Furthermore, butter is processed into cups, packs and other packages. "The major challenge for lighting in this environment is that it should be completely dust-free and waterproof and has to last for a long time. As a solution, Veko offered its linear IP65 Twist luminaire with a special coating. The Veko mechanics have completely mounted the lightlines on the ceiling. The end result looks great and is low-maintenance," says Rob Berkhout, chief installer of Visser Elektrotechniek BV," In addition, the number of required Lumen has been realized easily.

Another challenge was found in the planning, which was quit tight. "By working in time blocks and communicating well, this all turned out very good," says Rob Berkhout.