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The coronavirus is spreading and we have also taken further measures. To prevent spread, we keep our departments strictly separated. Breaks are held with no more than 4 people at a time. Our account managers only travel if strictly necessary and no langer visit our regional offices but work from home. For you, this means that we may react a little later than what you are used to from us. We also have a number of people working from home so that the key positions remain available as much as possible in the event of a further outbreak.


Production intact

These measures allow us to keep production intact, deliver the orders and mount them on the project for as long as this is still possible. Enough material is not a problem at the moment, we have taken early measures to deal with this situation. This may be accompanied by delays in the future, but we are doing our utmost to prevent this from happening. However, delay is not an issue at Veko at the moment.

What to do if your project comes to a standstill?
lt is possible that your project will unexpectedly come to a standstill because the chain is interrupted by anyone. This is force majeure and of course we understand that. lf this happens, please contact your account manager immediately and determine which scenario applies to you:

1. Postpone production and delivery
lf you want to postpone your order until further notice, this is possible. However, you should take into consideration that after 6 April we are full with production and mounting and can therefore not guarantee a new delivery week according to your wishes. We can reschedule the production and mounting in case of postponement as soon as you know more. We will do everything possible to produce and mount quickly, but in case of a delay you should take into consideration a possible waiting time. lt is therefore important to inform us of your wishes regarding production and mounting as soon as possible.

2. Only postpone delivery
Another possibility is that the light lines are produced for you in accordance with previous agreements. Should you not be able to take delivery of the goods, we offer to store the mate ria Is for you free of charge. However, we will send you the invoice for the goods in advance for payment. You are then guaranteed of fast delivery of the materials. The mounting will then be re-scheduled, as mentioned above.

Finally, let us all assume that the right measures have been taken to end this situation as soon as possible. We wish you much strength and good health for the coming period .