MD O 02

The ADRI-13 detector has been removed from the product range and is no longer available. Fortunately, Veko is able to provide a great alternative, the MD-O detector. Similar to the ADRI-13, this detector is easy to operate, but reacts to both sound and movement. Where the ADRI-13 had to be set up using the detector itself, the MD-O achieves this very easily by means of a remote control. An older detector can be replaced by the MD-O directly. If desired, the settings of the MD-O can be set identically to those of the ADRI-13. The MD-O detector has a five-year guarantee (two years for the ADRI-13). Another advantage of the ADRI-13’s successor is that there are various options to easily integrate the new detector into an existing system (e.g., a connection kit, extra relays). More MD-O specifications. Ordering is easy and convenient. Just send an e-mail to .


Five percent discount in the month of May
Order the MD-O detector and remote control in the month of May and receive a 5% introductory discount. The discount applies only to the installation variant. Free remote control with orders of 20 or more detectors.