lichtvervuiling europa

In the Netherlands alone, companies waste some 536 million kWh of energy a year because lights stay on all night. This is the consumption of some 150,000 households.On Saturday 24 October, Natuur- en Milieufederaties will draw attention to leaving your lights on unnecessarily. Wasting energy is not the only objection, light pollution also disrupts the biorhythm of humans and animals. Veko supports this initiative by not having the facade and advertising lights on between 23.00 and 06.00 at night in the future.




In addition to light pollution, attention is also drawn to light nuisance. There are three variants of light nuisance:

1. Sky glow, lighting that shines towards the sky

2. Glare, lighting too bright for your eyes

3. Scattered light, unwanted lighting, for example a lamppost that lights up your room.


Hundreds of municipalities and businesses turn off the lights and advertising lighting of buildings, monuments, town halls, bridges and churches. By using LED lighting in combination with, for example, sensors or a light management system, you can easily have your lighting automatically dimmed or switched on and off. Daylight control also ensures that you make use of the natural light.


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