co2It is important for all companies, organisations and institutions to actively work on reducing the effects of greenhouse gases. Energy efficiency and is of vital societal importance, and reducing CO2 emissions is even more crucial. Veko’s Carbon Footprint for 2017 is now available. We calculate our CO2 emissions based on direct and indirect fossil fuel use. By repeating these calculations every year, we can gauge the effectiveness of measures taken to limit emissions. We take stock of our energy flows every year by compiling a CO2 footprint. This enables us to identify areas future reductions in energy use.


At Veko we measure our energy consumption per employee. Consumption in 2013, the baseline year, was 5.32 tons of CO2 per employee. By 2017, we had reduced this level to 3.75 tons of CO2 per employee, a reduction of no less than 33.75%. We expect to achieve further reductions by installing solar panels on the second building.


Carbon Footprint for 2017.