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Veko has taken a major step towards further improving the sustainability of its vehicle fleet. The premises at Witte Paal 7 have been fitted with two charging points with charging capacity for four cars. Four diesel cars from the vehicle fleet have been replaced with Teslas. This represents a huge CO2 reduction.


By way of comparison, the average fuel consumption of a diesel car is 1:15. With an average mileage of 30,000 km per year this amounts to 2,000 litres of diesel. In terms of emissions, 2,000 litres x 3.23 (CO2 emission/l) represents 6,460 kg. By introducing four Teslas, we therefore achieve an annual emission saving of 25,840 kg of CO2.


Veko has reached level 3 of the CO2 Performance Ladder, maintaining a clear and consistent focus on sustainable business practice. We are constantly in search of new ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. For more information: https://www.veko.com/sustainability/co2-footprint.html


justin out of stock nieuws

If you search online for replacements for your TL fittings in your existing Veko light line, you will probably come across various suppliers selling their own version of our fittings. In the market we see more and more parties advertising the fact that they renovate Veko lineair lighting. A luminaire of brand X is then installed in your existing light line. If you opt for this solution, our guarantee will no longer apply. Brand X only provides a guarantee on the light fitting and not on the complete light line as is standard at Veko.


justin out of stock nieuws

A new period is dawning for Veko Lightsystems; Menno & Lianne Veldboer will leave Veko on 1 January.


This is only possible if a good follow-up has been arranged for Menno Veldboer. Veko has found a suitable CCO in Manon Schuurmans. From June she worked closely together with Menno so that she laid a good foundation to take over the tasks as CCO completely. Menno has complete confidence in Manon.


Veko Lightsystems International BV thanks Menno & Lianne for their many years of successful work. We wish them a lot of success with their new challenges.  


justin out of stock nieuws

The main reason for phasing out the Justin Twist is that the technology has improved so much that Veko has better and more aesthetically pleasing solutions in its current range than the Justin Twist. From now on, the Justin Twist will no longer be offered. 


The Justin Twist has the look-and-feel of the old-fashioned fluorescent tube but is LED lighting. High quality efficient lighting with the look and feel of a fluorescent lamp. The product was once developed to keep the step from fluorescent to LED as small as possible for the customers. In addition, the Justin has the unique ability to rotate the luminaires 270 degrees in the desired direction.




Veko's product portfolio is now available in 3D for application in BIM (Building Information Modeling). Veko offers the choice between downloading the complete library for Revit or per family. The models of our fixtures, including profiles, accessories and mounting material, can be downloaded from our download page. No Revit? You can use our viewer on our website to view the models (of the fixtures). Of course, this library is regularly updated.